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Barista League USA Tour


The Barista League, established in 2015, is Scandinavia’s fastest growing barista competition and community hub. It came to fruition as baristas, despite being the main link between specialty coffee and consumers, are often left out of all the fun stuff.

The founder, Steven Moloney, two time Swedish Barista Championship says, ‘I wanted to create a competition that is all about the baristas. We invite them to just turn up, compete, learn, have fun and drink some beers together’.

The competition was born in Sweden and is always hosted by leading members of the Nordic coffee community. Across its four main events per year, it is now promoting a more vibrant and connected community all over northern Europe – and is set to expand further.

As opposed to traditional barista competitions, there are no entry fees or perplexing rulebooks – instead it’s all down to teams of two making coffee in an ever-surprising environment. The competition centers around barista skills, sensory skills and a mystery round (that has seen baristas handcuffed together and grinding coffee with hammers).

Loveramics shares the same approach to coffee event, which is friendly, casual and fun. After going to the Barista League event in Amsterdam, we decide to chip in customised cups to help the community grow.

There is no event like Barista League over a coffee show weekend. We hope the league will extend to other countries in the near future.

Here are photos from the second stop in Kansas City.




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