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Event: World Barista Championship 2018 @Amsterdam

The World Barista Championship 2018 ends with a high note in the Rai, Amsterdam. It was a very enjoyable trip for our team. We lucked out with a full week of great weather, sunshine, beers, cannabis and great people. 

The event lasts 3 days, and we debut 2 collections to our Roasters Collection. Response was overwhelming and we really appreciate everyone who purchased and gave us kind words.

Competition also ends on a great atmosphere. Hometown kid Lex Wenneker from Friedhats Coffee got cheers from start till the end. We met Lex back in WCE All Star back then and ordered his delicious Kenya for our show in Ambiente, guess we know who's good at it way back.

But the crown belongs to seasoned veteran, Aga Rojewska. She came close to winning it all a few times, but her persistence and effort paid off this time. Aga becomes the first female to win the World Barista Championship, and the first Polish Champion in the event.

Do not forget that Aga actually will compete also in Brazil for the WLAC2018. Let's see if she can make history by becoming the first one to win both. We all know it is tiring and requires lots of effort to compete in both events, let alone winning both at the world stage.

Loveramics is also humbled that she chose Granite Nutty Cups to compete in her drinks. Its truly the highlight of our trip, and we are blessed to have that opportunity.

Once again congratulations to Aga, well deserved and now its time to pack for Brazil.



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victoria arduino, black eagle, wbc18

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aga rojewska, poland, wbc18

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aga rojewska, poland, wbc18

aga rojewska, poland, wbc18

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aga rojewska, poland, wbc18



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