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World Of Coffee 2022 @Milan

World Of Coffee 2022 @Milan

Hi guys! We just came back from Milan and settled. After two years, we finally have a chance to meet with our coffee friends worldwide! The 4 Wo...

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Product: twisted glass

Product: twisted glass

Glass is a great alternative material to our porcelain cups. It is a green, strong and non porous material. However, we found there are very few c...

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official cups

Specialty Coffee

We got close with the Specialty Coffee Association and start sponsoring the World Latte Art Championship. We have been the most consistent official competition cups for 5 straight years.

Boston Show

first time in USA

Our first time in US Coffee Expo as exhibitor and it would be a great start for us. With the booming specialty coffee market we see big opportunities.

Building our own warehouse

Austin, Texas

We feel the need of more colors, more sizes for all our cups and wares, and stock them all up is an issue. We decide to have our own warehouse after all for the best service.


coming soon

arriving July 2022

next shipment

Collection Includes: new brewers jugs, more colors in Embossed Cup and Egg Replenishment


eliminate your disposable cup use

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