November 12, 2018

World Latte Art Championship 2018

The Championship was hosted by Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 7-9 November, 2018. Irvine Quek from Malaysia took home the trophy and beat a few veterans in the game!

September 07, 2018

Product: Roasters Coffee Grinder

The Grinder’s is made from sustainable, naturally antibacterial bamboo and is ergonomically shaped for a secure grip when in use and is finished with food safe mineral oil. The LOVERAMICS Coffee Grinder has a space sa...

August 31, 2018

Barista League USA Tour

The Barista League, established in 2015, is Scandinavia’s fastest growing barista competition and community hub. It came to fruition as baristas, despite being the main link between specialty coffee and consumers, are...