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Product: Roasters Coffee Grinder

Its finally here!

We spent the past 2 years developing this hand coffee grinder of our own. After rounds of product testings and beans grounded, the finished product is finally born, here, ready to be shipped.

Developed together with Crush Grind from Denmark, we installed the advanced porcelain burr into solid bamboo, a sustainable, naturally antibacterial material and is ergonomically shaped for a secure grip when in use and is finished with food safe mineral oil.  

The Coffee Grinder has a space saving detachable metal grinding arm and together with the body stow easily into the natural linen draw string carrying bag. It also comes with 2 cleaning brushes to keep your grinder in peak performance. For an individual look the LOVERAMICS Coffee Grinder’s lid has 9 beautiful ceramic colours to choose from.

The porcelain burr is efficient and grind 20g of beans in 45-50s in an honest hand drip coarseness. 

During the development, we spent so much time finding the right burr, and this burr probably has the best combination of efficiency and power. The porcelain burr is static free and won't stick your fines, plus it does not heat up and start cooking the coffee.

We also research on how you hand grind. Half of the baristas actually grind it with a pivot on the worktop, half would grind with 2 arms simultaneously turning circles. To get the best of both worlds, Simon Stevens designs the grinder to work either way. The ergonomic grip encourages you to do both ways with ease.




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