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champions signature by Dale Harris 2023 edition

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      • These are ART GLAZE and remember to wash quickly after use. Do not soak in dirty water for prolonged period of time as they might get into the cracks.
      • A collaboration with 2017 WBC Champ, Dale Harris.
      • Capacity and shape to work with Dale's coffee recipes.
      • 6.5oz, 5oz and 2.5oz for different types of drinks.
      • Loveramics signature uber-durable body. glazed unglazed contrast. pottery style, industrial quality
      • The new glaze is special with a crackle surface, with 3 translucent. Clear hand thrown style lines on each cups
      • The curved inner surface aids latte art and crema retention, allowing the best presentation of drinks
      • The cups are durable with thick walls that retain drink temperature whilst being comfortable to hold without a handle
      • Backstamp features Dale’s autograph, his winning year, and Ben’s potter’s stamp
      • Use & Care: Porcelain & Glass
      • Shipping-information: Delivery & Shipping Term
Collection: Dale Harris
Description: 6.5/5/2.5oz
Packaging: Open Stock
Material: Porcelain
Unit: PCS
Product Dimension: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm
Capacity: 200ml
Product Weight: 245.0g
Country of Original: China
Designer: Dale Harris x Ben Sutton
Declaration Export Code: 6911101900

    • The Dale Harris Cups is a collaboration between Loveramics and Dale Harris, the 2017 World Barista Champion. The cups were originally designed and hand thrown by Ben Sutton, a London based potter who is also a close friends with Dale. Dale Harris used them participating coffee competitions and has fallen in love with the aesthetics since. We both love the collection, and decide to manufacture them to as a crossover collection to reach a wider-audience.

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