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Boram Um Tasting Cup

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Collection : Brewers
Formulised Description :
6.5/4/2.5oz. Boram Um Tasting Cup
Packaging :
Open Stock
Material : Porcelain
Country of Origin : China
Unit : PCS
Product Dimension :
L9.5 x W9.5 x H5.5 cm / L8.0 x W8.0 x H4.5 cm / 
L7.0 x W7.0 x H4.0 cm

Capacity : 6.5/4/2.5oz.
Weight (g) : 200/143/104g
Designer :
Boram Um
Declaration Export Code :

      • When we met with Boram on collaborative ideas, Boram was striaght to the point. He mentions the importance of sweetness in coffee, and how a wider opening in bright, happy colours would enhance those elements. He also expresses his love with the Embossed Tasting Cups range and want his own version, and here we co-designed this range which brings the best out of both of us. Comes in 80ml, 120ml and 200ml, they will serve his competition set in espresso, drip / cortado and a milk drink.

    • Boram Um is the World Barista Champion in 2023. He represents Brazil in the world stage, and was crowned the final winner. Boram comes from coffee producing background, in which his family owns a coffee farm in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. In this collaboration, he works with Loveramics exclusively for this special edition of Brewers' cups, which is determined to bring extra sweetness to your drinking experience.


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