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You should know about the egg cups, so we are not going to talk too much about it..... but, what are potters colors?

We originally launched the Potters Colors in Budapest in 2017. Since then, Granite, Caramel and Gunpowder have seen its significant footprint in specialty coffee. We hear you want other potters colors, so we deliver.

Potters Colors are basically made out of 2 types of glazes together, or in ceramics terms, we call them reactive glaze. They react in our kiln at 1300c vigorously, forming different types of crystals, glaze runs, and vary a lot from the original colors.

Because glazes have different properties, such as flow rate, melting temperature and colors, mixing 2 of them would create unexpected results, and bring extra excitement to the ceramics. 

Since all of our products are hand dipped, they are all slightly varied. From every crystal growth, speckling spots, layering and flow separation, we are proud of the artisanal look we offer. These are effects we highly prized.

We pay homage to our tradition, potters who invented this technique thousands of years ago, and name them Potters Colors.



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