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General Usage:

  • The grinding handle is detachable and its bamboo ball handle is designed to rest on top of the porcelain lid to make it compact when stored.
  • Adjust the burr by turning the ‘nut’ at the bottom of the grinding mechanism, detailed instructions below.
  • When attaching the porcelain lid twist as you push down to give a secure fit.
  • Do not unscrew the ceramic mechanism as its factory-aligned and you might not be able to realign it.
  • In case you do take the ceramic mechanism apart, here’s the sequence for re-installing.


Adjusting the Coarsness of the Grind:

Before grinding you need to establish the ‘Zero’ position by closing the ceramic mechanism completely by rotating the ‘nut’ at the bottom of the mechanism clockwise until it can be turned no further. Be aware not to tighten the ‘nut’ too hard at it may damage the burr. Use this position as the ‘Zero’ setting.



  • Half to 2/3 turn anticlockwise for Aeropress.
  • 2/3 to 1 turn anticlockwise for V60, pour over, clever drip, chemex. 
  • 1 full turn anticlockwise for Espro.
  • Although you can grind to a coarseness for espresso this would be hard work  and would recommend a dedicated espresso grinder.


Best way to clean?

  • The grinder is not dishwasher safe.
  • Do not unscrew the 4 major screws as you will not be able to put them back.
  • Just unscrew the bottom collecting cup and clean the ceramic grinding mechanism with the brushes provided. If you really want to run it under the tap, please be careful not to lose parts when disassembling and make sure its completely dry before reinstalling.
  • We recommend to clean with the brushes on a regular basis to keep the burr running smooth.
  • The porcelain lid is washable and feel free to run under tap. Remember to dry it completely and make sure you re-attach the silicone seal.



 Product Liability:

  • If you find a problem with the grinder, contact us immediately.
  • Please use with care. The grinder is made out of natural materials which need care. Your burr will last a lifetime if you use with a little maintenance. 
  • If you have any problems with alignment, or need replacement parts, contact us through social media, or email
  • With any hand grinder its unavoidable to have different sizes of grind in a batch, this it is completely normal even for an amazing grinder in EK43. 



If you find the burr is rubbing against itself, please loosen up the ’nut’ at the bottom of the mechanism otherwise if this continues it will break. If after loosening it continues to rub please contact us and we will either align it for you or send you a new one.

Do not unscrew the 4 major screws yourself. 


Bamboo Ages:

Since some parts of our grinder are made out of natural materials, depending on the humidity, the bamboo might crack over time, or it might harbour mold if you don’t use it for a long time. Please try to take care of it just like any other wooden products keep it clean and store in a cool dry place. 

Just like an oiled machine, if you keep using it and maintaining it it will last longer. We give basic warranty for products, but after a year, especially after being used, its your job to take care of it too.