Product: twisted glass

Glass is a great alternative material to our porcelain cups. It is a green, strong and non porous material. However, we found there are very few choices of glasses for baristas to choose from.

We took all we learnt from our professional coffee cups range. One of the very iconic feature of Loveramics cups and mugs is the rounded-base, acting as one of the short cut in order to archive a gorgeous Latte Art. Together we put all the key requirements you asked for into the Twisted Glass

The Twisted Glass has a thickness of 5mm, which retains heat extremely well. We overcome a lot of technical issues to achieve the beautiful twisted exterior that refract light differently, with a curved interior that has the same feature as our porcelain cups.

The continuous curve lets the crema develop fully and gives an amazing mouth feel, as well as pouring the best Latte art like the Egg cup collection. 

With 3 colours and 4 different capacity, 70ml, 120ml, 180ml and the largest 360ml. First 3 sizes fit in perfectly with our Egg or Tulip saucer, an easy choice for those who already committed to the World Latte Art Championship official cups. And yes, they will stack as well on top of your espresso machine.

70ml Twisted Espresso Glass with Saucer is a nice presentation of Espresso, to see the beautiful color of the shot. 

120ml and 180ml are great glasses for Cortado, Piccolo, or a regular Cappuccino. 

360ml are great for an iced drink, whether it's fizzy party drinks or your table water.

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