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SCA Boston, World Barista Championship 2019


We attended the Specialty Coffee Association's lone show in 2019, Coffee Expo in Boston.

Although we had quite a footprint in the USA already, sponsoring the World Stage coffee events in numerous occasions, its our first show ever with SCA. The show features a huge hall with all the industry peeps around the world, where as the World Barista Championship's finals stage at the far end.

Apart from our signature Egg, Tulip and Bond collections, its also our first time to show the Brewers and Roasters in North American market. the interactive part of the two collections drew huge success for us in the show.

We have also partnered up with Dale Harris, WBC Champion 2017, launching our crossover collection "Champions Signature". Coincidentally Paul Ross, representing UK in the 2019 worlds also picked to use the collection.

The hand thrown texture and minimalist designs drew waves from baristas around the world, and the collection took off like no others. Already sold out in a size and colour, this will set to be a really successful range for us in years to come.


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