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Products: Custom Made your Cups, Made in Hong Kong.

Just had some fun with our new printing method that can custom made your cups in our workshop in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong at 120pcs.

Although we had delivered thousands of custom made orders worldwide, we yet to have our own cups in the office so we decide to give our logo a twist and put them on the newly launched, caramel egg cups. 

If you follow us the past year you probably know our office and shop interior have transformed to a modern, mid-century vintage style with lots of marble, walnut wood and brass surfaces. We think Caramel would look great in the inspiration and so we print a few of them and fire in the kiln in Repulse Bay.

The result is clean and clear, and we are pleased with the outcome.



Next we chose a few latte artists' signature patterns and put their names on the new 250ml Egg Cups. We had been discussing the new size for years now and we finally put them in production.

300ml has a great surface for latte art, but 250ml gives you a better balance with taste / area for creativity. So we had made both for the latte artists to try and see which one they like. Maybe it can make it to the competition in the future.

Here are the cups we made.






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