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Hofex 2023 Hong Kong

The new, flatbed dripper comes in 13 colourways. Designed by Simon Stevens, as an extension of the 3-speed dripper we launched earlier. 

The cherry blossom shaped opening features a wide opening that means to flow fast. It works with our existing dripper stand, and 01/02 wavy papers you can get anywhere.

The colours matches with our embossed tasting cups, which you may own. Available now in store, in web stores and also in selected retailers.


Hofex used to a great hospitality show, but their lease team has really questionable decisions. Losing the Hong Kong coffee championship to PMQ for no particular reason was one. You always prefer thousands of young baristas in the industry showing up. Sending passionate baristas away is NOT helping this industry and is not the right thing to do.

Second, for a dedicated local brand who has strong presence in the Bay Area, placing us on the far corner is questionable. You can tell the organiser is a typical landlord who wants rent over anything. 

Won't be surprised if a show in the Bay Area will easily replace them eventually.




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