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Event: World Latte Art Champion of 2017

We witnessed the final round of the World Latte Art Championship 2017 in Budapest. 

Competitors are of high standards, that includes veterans of years in the competition. Lots of the seasoned veterans drew huge applause, and the event was of great atmosphere.

There was brew bar on one side serving 90+ coffee, all you can drink style on one side, and a latte art bar for champions from different countries to pour for you.

With 3 rounds of competitions, the Champion of Thailand, Arnon Thitiprasert (Ristr8to)won it all. He has been competing for years, and he really deserves the title at the end. 

Below are his winning patterns. Its a full moon story with 3 different types of animals, Rabbit, Deer and Fox. Well, they are pretty complicated, and they won the championship with its concepts, skills level and difficulties.

See you all the next coffee event, see you all in Seoul, where World Barista Championship will be held in November.



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